Webinar #3

We plan to organize our third webinar in the beginning of 2022.
We will tell you more about the workshops that are part of the Symposium. The workshop Access Management will be spotlighted.
Keep an eye on our website and the newsletter for a Save the Date!

Webinar #2

We hope you enjoyed our second webinar. We have shared some practical details about the upcoming symposium. Kay Fitzpatrick, Senior Research Engineer at Texas A&M Transportation Institute, presented the guidance that can be used to make informed decisions related to establishing posted speed limits.

More in-depth information about the project we have discussed and a link to the N17-76-SLS-Tool can be found here.

Webinar #1

Did you join our webinar in July? We hope you enjoyed it. Please find a link to the recording below.

More in-depth information about the safety projects we have discussed can be found here:

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