Join our 2nd webinar ’2022 International Symposium on Highway Geometric Design (ISHGD) featuring the 6th Urban Street Symposium preview’

Do you want to get a preview of the 2022 Symposium? Join our one-hour webinar!

This is the second webinar in a series preparing you for the 2022 ISHGD Symposium, featuring the 6th Urban Street Symposium, which Transoft Solutions is a Gold Sponsor of.

This provides an example of topics to be presented as part of the symposium.  Please consider attending the symposium next summer in Amsterdam to learn about new highway related research and practices that will impact various transportation users.

Besides sharing practical details about the symposium, we will be looking into the topic of setting posted speed limits. This will include research and perspectives from North America and Europe.

Kay Fitzpatrick,  Senior Research Engineer at Texas A&M Transportation Institute, presents North American research and perspective. TRB National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Project 17-76 was tasked with developing guidance that can be used to make informed decisions related to establishing posted speed limits. The developed guidance was incorporated into a Speed Limit Setting Procedure (SLS-Procedure). The NCHRP 17-76 SLS-Procedure includes data-driven-based transparent sets of decision rules to determine the suggested speed limit for a given roadway segment. NCHRP Research Report 966: Posted Speed Limit Setting Procedure and Tool: User Guide provides and explains the SLS-Procedure that considers factors beyond the 85th percentile speed, including both driver speed choice and safety associated with the roadway. This report also provides instructions for using an automated version of the SLS-Procedure via a spreadsheet-based Speed Limit Setting Tool (SLS-Tool).


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  • Tuesday, 12 October, 17:00 Amsterdam | 16:00 London | 11:00 New York | 8:00 Los Angeles
  • Wednesday, 13 October, 8:00 Amsterdam | 10:00 Abi Dhabi | 15:00 Tokyo | 16:00 Sydney

Webinar #1

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