Partner and Sponsor Opportunities

The Symposium offers excellent marketing programs suitable for any sized budget, providing you with great opportunities to display your brand in front of key decision makers from government agencies, consulting firms, and members of academia.

Partner Programs:
Choose from 5 major partnership options including diamond, gold, silver and bronze packages – each offering unique opportunities dependent on level of sponsorship. All prices are in Euros.

Programs may be subject to change

Benefits of partnership

  • Heightened visibility: showcase your brand in front of large audience.
  • Positive publicity: show leadership and alignment with the key issues affecting the industry.
  • Bolster sales: strengthen relationships formed at the Symposium. Alternatively, exhibit your products or services at the event for added exposure.
  • Distinguish yourselves against the competition.
  • Enhance your business relationships and build new ones.

Below is a list of some of the ways your organization can benefit by becoming a Partner. Offers range based on Partner level. The specific details are released in with the prospectus in October.

Recognition Programs

  • Logo visibility in strategic, high-traffic zones offering unparalleled brand exposure
  • Logos, short bio and link within official Symposium app
  • Virtual ‘bag-insert’ (e-brochure or flyer delivered via Symposium app)
  • Prominent logo or banner placement on official ISHGD website
  • On-screen visibility during Program Sessions
  • Acknowledgement at opening and closing plenary sessions
  • Mentions and shares via social media (Twitter, LinkedIn)

Other Benefits

  • Complimentary registrations
  • Complimentary exhibit space

Visibility programs: a la carte programs offer great opportunities to showcase your brand in unique ways with options to match any budget:

  • Lanyard Sponsor - Capture the attention of hundreds as attendees wear your company’s name around their necks and are seen throughout the entire event. This valuable marketing item will be offered to each and every attendee as they pick up their badges.
    | 1 Sponsor, € 5.000 | SOLD OUT
  • Symposium Room Sign Sponsor – Make the first impression with your brand upon entering the symposium sessions. Simple and effective, branded Room names have attendees’ eyes upon them multiple times throughout the event.
    | 1 Sponsor, € 4.000 |
  • Event Reception Sponsor - As the Reception Sponsor, you will have the unique opportunity to provide a brief welcome and introduction as we kick off the reception, as well as enjoy prominent logo visibility on reception banners located at the event.
    | 1 Sponsor, € 5.000 |
  • Evening Social Dinner Event Sponsor – We all have to eat and what a place we have picked. In the heart of Amsterdam alongside a beach overlooking a wonderful lit lake with a private boat dock. After a warm welcome from you everybody will enjoy a walking dinner barbeque. Your logo will be visible on multiple dinner banners and signage directing attendees to a wonderful evening in Amsterdam
    | 1 Sponsor, € 10.000 |
  • Technical Tour Sponsors - With 4 tours on the schedule, take this opportunity to showcase your brand and educate a captive audience on the benefits of your products or services. This opportunity will allow sponsors to present logo visibility on tour digital brochures, tickets and signage.
    | 4 Sponsors, € 2.000 each |
  • Workshop Sponsor – The Symposium will commence with 8 workshops that focus on key topics. This opportunity will give sponsors exclusive rights to distribute brochures.
    | 8 Sponsors, € 750 each |
  •  Lunch  Sponsor – Everyone has to eat! This excellent opportunity gives sponsors the chance to showcase their logos on and alongside the tables. This opportunity is for the full conference with three consecutive days
    | 2 Sponsor, € 2.000 each |
  • Coffee breaks – Keep everyone at their best by showcasing your band’s logo next to the coffee break stations. This opportunity is for the full conference with four consecutive days with a total of 6 breaks
    | 2 Sponsor, € 1.000 each |
  • Branded water station – It is summer time and water stations are there at all times. Throughout the entire Symposium your logo will be present next to the water stations. This means four consecutive days of exposure from the first to the last session
    | 2 Sponsor, € 2.000 each |
  • Congress App | The 20th century delegates bag. All attendees will have the opportunity to download and install a Symposium app. Your logo will be the first thing they will see. What session is next? – Your logo, Where do I go now? – Your logo. A major opportunity to get your brand acknowledged
    | 1 Sponsor, € 5.000 |

Programs may be subject to change.
To learn more about Partnership and Visibility Program and its possibilities to individual customization or preferences, contact Jeroen Tishauser or Marjolein van de Nadort at