Technical Tours


The Amsterdam metropolitan area is surrounded by many great examples of geometric design and urban street design. Given the tight spatial and environmental restrictions, the highways demand complex engineering, advanced traffic management and construction challenges. In the dense urban area, a variety of road users and transport modalities claim their public space. Due to the upcoming e-bike use, a regional bike network is further developed and improved. The tours will be done by comfortable bus coaches and guided by local and national experts.

The 2022 International Symposium on Highway Geometric Design will include 4 technical tours:

Tour 1: Amsterdam Beltways
Tour 2: Great Amsterdam regional tour
Tour 3: Amsterdam city tour
Tour 4: Fast bicycle lane projects

Tour 1: Amsterdam Beltways

Both the Amsterdam Beltway A10 and the south-east peripheral freeway A9-A1-A6 displays a variety of innovative geometric highway solutions with combinations of parallel highways, weaving sections, rush-hour lanes, tidal flow lanes, tunnels, world’s largest aqueduct, and advanced traffic management systems. This tour, guided by expert, will take you along several projects and places of interest.

Tour 2: Greater Amsterdam regional tour

This tour by bus will take you to provincial and urban roads just south of Amsterdam. From the A9-A4 highway you will enter some interesting provincial roads including a biobased road section, a solar road and turbo roundabouts. From that we travel to the city of Amstelveen, showing several old and new neighborhoods with typical residential areas and urban street designs including light-rail, urban roundabouts, bicycle lanes and streets. This tour will be introduced and guided by local experts.

Tour 3: Amsterdam city tour

This tour will take you to several examples of urban street designs incorporating bicycle lanes, pedestrian crossings and tramways, throughout the city of Amsterdam. This tour includes a visit of Amsterdam Central Station, a multi modal transport hub.

Tour 4: Fast bicycle lanes projects

Due to the success of electrical supported bikes, several fast bicycle lanes are being completed in the transport region of Amsterdam. This tour shows how to make the fast lanes attractive, comfortable and safe. Also, connections of the fast lanes with urban bicycle lanes will be visited. This tour will be introduced and guided by local and regional bicycle experts.