Tour 2: Greater Amsterdam regional tour

This tour (by bus) will take you to provincial and urban roads just south of Amsterdam. From the A9-A4 highway, you will enter some interesting provincial roads, including a biobased road section, a solar road and turbo roundabouts. After visiting these locations, we travel to the city of Amstelveen. Here, we will see several old and new neighborhoods with typical residential areas and urban street designs including light-rail, urban roundabouts, bicycle lanes and streets.

Provincial roads
Following the N201, the first part of te tour takes you to the SolaRoad, the Waterwolftunnel, turbo roundabouts and the biobased Road (site visit).
In the second part of the tour, Amstelveen is visited. Amstelveen is a suburb south of Amsterdam. The old and new residential areas are accessed by traffic arteries and light rail. The road infrastructure is constantly renewed for better use and safety. Therefore, roundabouts and bicycle lanes are applied. Also, the light rail will be reconstructed at grade separated. Several residential areas will be visited, among them the typical Dutch “woonerf” and bicycle streets.