Tour 4: Fast bicycle lanes projects (at city of Almere)

Due to the success of electrical supported bikes, several fast bicycle lanes are being completed in the transport region of Amsterdam. This tour shows how to make the fast lanes attractive, comfortable and safe. Also, connections of the fast lanes with urban bicycle lanes will be visited.
This tour will lead us to one of the new towns in Holland. Built below sea level, Almere was founded in in the 1970’s. The short distance to Amsterdam and the Amsterdam region made it an attractive place for commuters. In 2019 Almere has 207.000 inhabitants.
The mobility networks of Almere all were designed from the drawing board with an important role for the urban buss system (with BRT-lanes) and the bicycle network. The ‘Spoorbaanpad’ was the Netherlands first bicycle highway following the railroad all along the city. In 2018 the ‘Spoorbaanpad’ was upgraded to meet the new standards for cycle highways. Our tour will also show some examples of Dutch cycle infrastructure such as the bicycle-priority roundabout and some bicycle streets (bicycle boulevards). With a simple tool we try to reveal the secrets of the attractiveness of cycling in Almere, to make it easier to take the lessons home. Cycling Almere is smooth and safe, so don’t worry if you are less experienced.